Developer Information

In order to preserve and maintain an adequate water supply and service to its existing customers, new customers and future customers, Western Water Company has changed its line extension procedure. Western Water Company feels these changes will provide for orderly and controlled expansion of the water system.

Western Water Company will allow the Owner/Developer to install water main extensions at the Owners’/Developers’ cost. For those owners’/developers’ who would like Western Water Company to install water main extensions, this service is still available. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine if Western Water Company would install the line extension or require the owner/developer to install the water main extension. Western Water Company will oversee and inspect the construction of the main. The construction must be in accordance with Western Water Company’s specifications. There will be an inspection / administration fee of 8% ($1000 minimum), of the total construction cost of the project. In developments where the water main is extended, by Western Water Company or the Owner/Developer, to serve more than five (5) lots, tap fees for all the lots in the phase must be paid prior to Western Water Company setting any meters in the development.

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